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More than 7 in 10 Americans believe that having bad breath can affect on performance when interviewing for a job, as well as your ability to get promoted. More than 8 in 10 Americans believe that having bad breath is the worst habit to find on a first date, more so than chewing with your mouth open, texting during the meal, and not offering to pay. Our product aims to solve a problem that millions of people experience each and every day: “Does my breath stink?”

Fly Mouthwash was designed with total convenience in mind. Sure, it’s easy to practice proper oral care at home. But we aim to provide a solution for the other 12 hours of the day. Fly Mouthwash is an all-natural concentrated mouthwash stored in a 2 oz. container. Simply add a squirt to 20mL of water and experience freshness only seen at the bathroom sink. Ideal for the everyday, 9-5 grind, Fly Mouthwash gives 32 uses of confidence per bottle.

How It Works

Formula composed by the world’s leading oral care expert who was instrumental in the development of Colgate Total, as well as PowerSwabs, the leader in whitening products sold today.

Our Story

It was finals week on Florida State’s campus and Exercise Science major Michael Bracciale was in the library studying. He took a break to grab a large coffee and a chicken pesto sandwich downstairs. After finishing his lunch, Mike was approached by Jessica (his classmate and proclaimed love of his life) who was asking for tutoring help. As he started going over the material he noticed and grimace on her face. He immediately realized that Grande coffee did a number on his breath. He rushed to the bathroom and pulled out his pack of gum.

First stick of gum – soaked up the lunch in his mouth

Second stick – took out the remains

Third stick – spit out before returning because he was self-conscious about gnawing it down in her face.

On the way back to the table he received a mint from a friend and came back to tutor Jessica with confidence. Everything was going well – for about 30 minutes. Then, even he was distracting himself with the Grande pesto macchiato smell coming out of his mouth. Embarrassed, Mike made up an excuse to go home. He gargled some mouthwash and slumped back in his chair.

That’s where he asked himself, “Why isn’t there a better solution to keeping bad breath at bay once you leave your home?” He wanted something that could fight bad breath all day whenever he need it. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the liquid water enhancer on his desk which gives the user the ability to add any flavor to their water with just one squirt – Strawberry Watermelon he recalls.


After I saw it for the first time I immediately understood the product. I never chew gum when I’m out anymore because it goes horrible with drinks and the whole packs usually gone by the end of the night. Now, I just use Fly Mouthwash and I feel fresh and confident for the rest of the night.


I was surprised there was nothing out like this already! When I Fly I'm always aware about how my breath smells to the people around me. I always bring a miniature bottle of mouthwash because it was the only thing I could get through TSA and it's usually gone by the time I make it to my hotel. Then I have to buy another bottle to last me the rest of the trip, it's ridiculous! With Fly Mouthwash I’ll be able to travel to numerous destinations and never have to worry about my hygiene.








Chief Marketing Officer

The portability of gum with the effectiveness of your at-home mouthwash



FSU grad develops new mouthwash

Nobody wants bad breath. But it happens. Two years ago, Mike Bracciale was at Strozier Library at Florida State University. It was an ordinary day. He grabbed an iced cup…



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